About Bhutan Teer Game

Archery being the national sport of Bhutan  is quite famous in the kingdom of Bhutan. That is why this bow and arrow (teer) game has gained quite popularity in Bhutan. Since ancient times people in Bhutan archery as the main weapons to safeguard their kingdom. The Bhutan Royal Teer is a game based on the results of daily archery competition held by Bhutan Archery Association, Punakha. (Note: There is no other websites go Bhutan Teer or Teer Bhutan except Bhutan Royal Teer which is managed by Bhutan Archery Association). Bhutan Teer game is held everyday where the participating clubs are given 1000 arrows to shoot. The results of Bhutan Royal Teer is displayed based on the total numbers of arrows hitting the target which is then counted and the last two digit of the total arrows that hit the target is declared as the result of the Bhutan Royal Teer.

There are many archery clubs in Bhutan but only the qualified top clubs are selected to participate in the competition held under Bhutan Archery Association which also trains the upcoming archers for the national selection camps. These young archers come from many corners of the country just to be a complete athlete so that they can one day represent their country in their own national sport.

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These days in Bhutan Archery (Teer) is also widely practiced by women athlete. Women in Bhutan represent the culture and heritage of Bhutan and women representing the national sport (Archery / teer game) of  their country is a great thing to achieve as Bhutan being a traditional Kingdom where women are not considered to take part in other affairs outside home.

The game of teer in Bhutan is played everyday by participating clubs where about 6 to 10 archers from each clubs participate in the main event where in  each round they are given 1000 arrows to shoot. The distance of the  target in Bhutan teer game depends on the nature of fields which is not fixed. Each participating clubs of Bhutan teer game gets two sets of arrows 1 set for first round and the another set for second round which is declared as the results of 1st and second round of Bhutan teer respectively. So far the result of Bhutan teer is only made available at the website of Bhutan Royal Teer which is managed is Bhutan Archery Association.

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Q. What is a target number?

A. In Bhutan Teer target number are those numbers which are calculated based on the previous results. Bhutan Teer target number is calculated only on the basis of participating clubs previous results and it does not guarantee that the displayed target number is 100% guaranteed. Bhutan Teer  does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.

Q. What is a teer chart?

A. In Bhutan Teer, teer chart is a game schedule or fixture for all the competitions to be held during a month long archery competition by all the Bhutan Teer participating clubs. In Bhutan Teer chart  all the informations are clearly mentioned so that based on the previous results, range of the target and number of arrows people can analyse the results and play accordingly.

Q. What is a dream number?

A. Dream number in Bhutan Teer is based on the primitive beliefs about the dream and its occurances in real life. The dream number displayed in Bhutan Teer websites is just an collection of information gathered from day to day life and it doesnot have any scientific relevances with the game.

Q. What is a previous result?

A. The previous results of any games is very important information for the players, as it is used to analyse the nature of game and the results for that particular day. So, we at Bhutan Teer also provide all the previous results ( 3 years old results max) which has occured in the past so that all the enthusiastic players can use that piece of information to analyse the results of that particular day along with all the other informations available to them like teer chart, dream number and other.